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OTIS Michigan – Offender Tracking Information System, MI

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Last Updated on July 4, 2023

There are now countless online systems that have been created to help someone find information on people. There are also some which have been established for finding people who are in prison. The Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) is one such tool. This article will cover on how OTIS Michigan – Offender Tracking Information System, MI can help you find information on inmates in the state.

A successful offender search Michigan rest upon having all necessary information for a search in hand. This can be the person’s full name, where they are kept (if still in jail) and the time they are serving. Such details can help make your search process much more convenient and straight forward.

OTIS Michigan Inmate Search

The Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) was created to enable a wide variety of internet users to access MDOC information easily online. The Michigan Offender Tracking Information System will assist you locate information on parolees, prisoners and probationers who are under supervision currently.

This can also be those who have been discharged but are still within the 3 years of their discharge date. OTIS does not keep information on offenders that exceed that stipulated 3-year period. The Michigan Legislature (2008) permitted the removal of offenders from the website after the three-year period has elapsed from their discharge date. Once an offender falls under supervision with the MDOC, then their public records will be made available on the website.

However, it is important to know what information you can and cannot find in a Michigan OTIS. Information that you won’t find on an OTIS search is data that is exempted by the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. There also won’t be any details on someone who had been arrested and convicted but still not sentenced. You won’t also find data on county jail prisoners or city lockups. This is because jails are operated by counties whereas state prisons are maintained by MDOC.

OTIS Searches can be performed with a last name or MDOC number.

Michigan Department of Corrections OTIS

The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) is responsible for maintaining operations of Michigan state prisons. There are 30 state prisons that the MDOC currently administers. These prisons are categorized according to inmate security risk as well as the simplicity to manage the prisons. There are 5 levels in all.

The Michigan Department of Corrections utilizes the OTIS tool to help people search Michigan offenders from its database. A Michigan OTIS offender search is free with a name. Users can also utilize the Michigan OTIS tool to find records of offenders who are on probation or parole and are supervised by the MDOC.

As mentioned before, the Michigan law needs that the MDOC provide records on inmates on OTIS for up to three years after their release. During such time, you can search for the records using a name, age, race, sex, status and MDOC number.

OTIS Michigan Criminal Search

OTIS has its information from the police, courts and correctional departments. Since this is public information, you can search for it online. Out of all the types of searches that one can perform, the search with the MDOC number is the easiest and convenient of them all.

Searching with the number, will mean that you are not obligated to use the offender’s full name on your search. Your results will be the one for the number that you input on the search box. If they are not what you expected, you will then need to double check the number as to whether it’s the right one.

If the MDOC number gives no positive outcome, you can try a search with first and last name. Possible results from a search of this nature will be the MDOC number, first and last name, date of birth, sex, race, MCL number, status, parole date, maximum date and more.

Clicking on an offender’s profile will reveal the following information on them: mugshots, inmate’s name, MDOC number, racial identification, height, hair color, eye color, weight, image date, aliases, gender, SID number and a whole lot more.

There are also county and city jails in Michigan apart from the correctional services facilities. Examples are jails, boot camps, youth facilities, juvenile centers and homes. Sheriffs are normally the ones who run these local jails and other jails in local towns or cities are under the police department supervision.

Third Party Sites

Independent third party sites are another source of offenders’ information that you can use online in Michigan. They offer unlimited searches which normally return instant results. Since third party sites are not sponsored by the government, their data might be a bit different from that found in government sources.

To conduct a search on a third party website for inmate’s records in Michigan, one must provide the records location (state, county, city) plus the full name of the person on the record unless they are juvenile.

These are some of the OTIS Michigan – Offender Tracking Information System, MI tips that you can use. Try them and locate that information on the inmates free of charge.


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