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Are you looking for someone in Michigan? Well you have come to the right place. We will help you find people in Michigan with ease. We provide  the best tools and resources to help you not only to run a Michigan people search but also to learn the best ways to do it effectively online.

There are several ways you can lookup anyone online; See the best methods that are offered on this site below. We assure you that if you take some time to go through these resources, you will quickly master the secret of online people searching and will be well on your well on your to getting the information you need. 

Phone Number Lookup

To find someone in Michigan You can run a Michigan reverse phone number lookup. That is, use their number to find out more. 

Reverse Address Lookup

You can find a person or more information about someone in Michigan by using their physical address.

White Pages

You can check totally free michigan white pages. You can run a reverse Lookup someone's name, physical address or phone number at no charge. 

Public Records

Public records offer a variety of information. This include birth records, arrest records,  death records search, marriage records,  license plate details, and more.

Background check

Background checks are great if you are "in the market" for a nanny, new employee, roommate, life partner or anyone you are thinking of associating yourself with.

Business Search

If the person you are looking for is outside of the U.S. or you suspect they are overseas then you can use international people finders to help locate them.

Inmate Lookup

If the person you are trying to find is in jail. You can search and find out which prison he/she is in. Find details about correctional services in the US. 

Obituary Search

If the person you are looking for is already passed on or dead then you can try and locate their obiturary. There are a number of tools and services you can use online

Find A Grave

If you are just looking for a grave in any Michigan cementery then you can check out this guide and the services recommended for a quick and effective lookup

OTIS Michigan

The Offender Tracking Information System guide will assist with OTIS Search in Michigan, for Inmate, offender, criminal. Also see how OTIS work in Michigan Department of Corrections (MDCO).

About Michigan

The state of Michigan is located in mid-Michigan, with the largest metropolitan area being Detroit, with over seven hundred thousand people. According to the 2010 census, the population of Detroit has decreased by more than one million from 1950 to 2016, a decrease that has been blamed in part on the migration of many workers to the suburbs. There are currently 9.9 million residents and 3.8 million households. To determine the possibility of finding someone in the state, you need to consider these population distribution.  The predominant race in Michigan is white, making up 75% of the state’s population. The median age is 39.8 years with 50.8% of the total population female and 49.2% male. The most populated city in Michigan is Detroit with 673,103 people.Analysing the population by age, the following voters distribution is obtained: 131,916 18-20 years (1.92%), 1,035,303 20-30 years (15.03%), 1,115,625 30-40 years (16.2%), 1,116,277 40-50 years (16.21%), 1,254,205 50-60 years (18.21%) and 2,234,080 over 60 years (32.44%).Splitting the population by gender, the voters are divided as follows: 3,944,130 Female (52.43%), 3,573,472 Male (47.51%) and 4,644 Unspecified (0.06%).


Frequently Asked Questions

This website is completely dedicated to the state of Michigan. We offer in depth details on how to find people for free in Michigan, how to do reverse searches and more. There is no other people search Michigan site like it online. 

Different websites offer different information that you can peruse. If you are looking for someone in Michigan for example, you can find sites that focus on 3 key details like this site i.e. name, address and telephone numbers. There are others that further provide tools and resources to do background checks, find other personal details like email addresses, birthdays, marriage records and more. The latter are often those that use public records information. 

If you want to find someone without paying anything then you need to be prepared to spend time searching. Yes! that is ‘sacrifice’ you will have to make. This means visiting multiple people finder sites and reading resources pertaining to searching for people. Generally start with Google; find out how to use the search syntaxes and then move on to Facebook. These two sites should provide some kind of free people search information – if you learn to use them effectively. 

Yes! of course there are a number of people finders or people search websites that offer their services completely free. These, however, tend to make money by placing ads on their sites. Most people don’t realise that some of the links are sponsored links and so they click through only to find themselves in a different website that will now charge you a fee to run a search. So this is why you may end up getting the impression that all people search sites come at a fee yet you can actually find a michigan people finder that is completely free. 

The only reason we may advise you to pay is if you don’t have time. Doing people searching free of charge takes up too much of your time i.e. scouring the next on different sites trying to locate the person. Yet when you decide to use the paid one, often then come with multimillion of records you can peruse within 5 minutes or less. So ultimately do you have time? then don’t pay for a finder service but if it’s a matter of urgency then do consider paying. 

Finding information about someone online depends on a variety of things. For one, is the person comfortable with sharing their personal information on sites like Facebook (on their ‘about me’ section). This means you can easily find their personal information. 

 Yes there are a number of sites and directories you can use to find a person in Michigan. We have shared them in our directories page. Take the time to visit it to learn more about the available alternatives. 

Removing yourself from a people search site like this one is easy. Simply visit the site you want to remove yourself from, then find their contact page or look for a ‘ remove me link’, which is typically found on the footer of a site. 

Michigan People Search Guides

Here are some helpful how-to articles to find people for free online